David Smith – Candidate for ESOMAR Vice-President & Council

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Sep 222014
David Smith - Candidate for ESOMAR Vice-President & Council

I would welcome your support in the upcoming Council Elections for the following three reasons: It is a time of considerable change and I believe my experience and vision will benefit the role ESOMAR can play in fashioning our transition to an exciting new future. I have been an ESOMAR member for over 20 years, and during this time I have been very active in working on various ESOMAR initiatives. But I have only been a Council Member for the last two years and I believe my continuing involvement with ESOMAR at this time would be beneficial to the industry. [...]

Navin Williams – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 222014

I have had the privilege of being at the helm of market research’s adoption of technology for close to 20 years. Having worked across some of the world’s Market Research leaders across the disciplines of Media, Consumer (IMRB, RI & Nielsen) & Retail (Nielsen), I have spent the better part of the last decade championing digital and mobile adoption for the enhancement, evolution and continued relevance of research in today’s rapidly changing world. I have been fortunate to have co-written “The Handbook of Mobile Market Research” and the University of Georgia’s MRII curriculum “Mobile Marketing Research” and to be part [...]

Danielle Todd – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 222014
Danielle Todd - Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I firmly believe we need a progressive and representative ESOMAR Council to reflect and champion the wonderfully diverse global industry of mr and all it entails! I am a fresh young researcher determined to engage future talent, drive new ideas & thinking as well as ensure ESOMAR reflect our diverse & creative market research world! After completing an MA(Hons) in Geography and an MSc in Social Research, both at the University of Edinburgh, I joined TNS in my first market research role in 2012. Since joining, I have built experience and expertise managing a client base encompassing both Innovation and [...]

Pravin Shekar – Candidate for ESOMAR President

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Sep 222014
Pravin Shekar - Candidate for ESOMAR President

A recipient of American Marketing Association’s “Emerging Leader in Marketing Research” 4Under40 Award, I have close to two decades experience in the world of research. In my MR journey, I have traversed many roles: Field interviewer, Project manager, KPO/Analytics to Research & Insights! An entrepreneur since 1999, I have steered companies to multi-million dollar growth. I bring energy, positivity and a CAN DO approach to all initiatives that I am involved with. See more at www.pravinshekar.com & LinkedIn provide additional information. Below is my personal statement for this election as well as my 3 point agenda. PERSONAL STATEMENT As an [...]

The ESOMAR Elections

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Sep 222014

Every two years ESOMAR holds elections for its President, Vice President, and Council. The people who hold these roles have a tremendous amount of power to shape what happens to ESOMAR. A progressive group can really move ESOMAR forward, a less useful group can hold it back. Some of those elected in the past 20 years have been fantastic, some average, and some seem to have been in it for the status and the travel. If you are an ESOMAR member, I would urge you to vote in these elections, to get the sort of ESOMAR you want. My feeling [...]

Proof that people can make a difference

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Sep 202014
Proof that people can make a difference

I have just spent an amazing afternoon in a Thai orphanage and later had dinner with the staff and children from Home Hug at Yasothon. Please read the whole of the following quote. “In the late 1980s as the AIDS epidemic swept through at-risk Thai communities, Mae Thiew witnessed the impact on the children. There were those who were left orphaned as their parents died and children who were born with HIV and were abandoned. Mae Thiew quickly moved to provide a home for the children to meet their medical needs and to provide an environment free from discrimination. Support [...]

Sep 112014
AMSRS conference: Humour, optimism and solid case-studies – Betty Adamou

Guest Post by Betty Adamou of Research Through Gaming, who was a keynote speaker at this year’s AMSRS Conference in Melbourne. Let’s face it, Market Research conferences aren’t a place we normally associate with a few laughs (from the stage, it’s different off stage!), but not only did the AMSRS provide delegates with two comedians (one of which was a Market Researcher) but we also had presenters using humour to make some valid points. These giggle-inducing moments were in the opening talks; Tom Ewing of BrainJuicer keynoted about Reasons to be Cheerful with his ever-present-on-Twitter co-presenter buddy ‘Old Man CrossTabs’ [...]

Sep 052014
Presidential Reflections – Dan Foreman

It’s that exciting time of the year again – ESOMAR Congress is on its way and the team at ESOMAR HQ are hard at work making sure the 67th annual ESOMAR Congress will once again provide the very best in content and business opportunities. As ESOMAR President, for me Congress is a highlight, not only because of the opportunity to meet and greet researchers and clients from all over the globe. Congress is the highpoint of our industry’s event calendar and offers the perfect platform for bringing the ESOMAR community together by holding the Annual Global Meeting (AGM). During the [...]

Sep 032014
ESOMAR report confirms that surveys are in decline

Last week I posted an article looking at the decline in survey research, which included some data from ESOMAR and some predictions. This week, ESOMAR posted the latest Global Market Research Report and it includes some interesting figures on data collection modes. Figures which are broadly in line with my predictions. The table below is mostly a repeat of the one I included in my previous post. It shows the data from the ESOMAR reports for 2007, 2010, and 2013, along with my forecasts for 2016 and 2019. In this version, I have added the data from the 2014 ESOMAR [...]

Sep 022014
Most market researchers should not worry about getting into the boardroom

One of the most frequent lamentations at market research conferences relates to the boardroom. Market researchers are not well represented in the boardroom and many seem to think this is proof of our weakness as a profession/industry. However, I think this is mistaken, I think that market research should only rarely be involved in boardroom decisions, and indeed that majority of what we do should be tactical not strategic. Boardrooms are not places where many decisions are taken, and those decisions tend to be about issues such as mergers and acquisitions, accounts related issues, strategic decisions about estate management, strategic [...]