Daniel Cuende – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 242014

Our industry in a critical point, big changes are coming and we have to make the transition from Market Research to Knowledge management. New players, data, rules, analysis, possibilities and of course different business models. We have to warrantee that this stills have the highest standards and quality for our customers in this bigger market.

We need to invest more in the relevance of our industry as a key factor for success, ESOMAR is the position to push the up the bar, not only with corporate membership but also with a better definition of the member itself. I think that we have to make a qualitative difference with other associations or groups, the ICC/ESOMAR International Code is best example, but we still have much room to improve.

We live an era that is easy to access and shared information, so an association has to evolve to really take part and activity in the industry. I am proud that ESOMAR is doing great, nevertheless we have to explore new ways. I envision ESOMAR ,in the future, as a trust partner in my business.

See my web page at www.danielcuende.com

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Laurent Flores – Candidate for ESOMAR President

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Sep 232014

“To Give Back to the Industry, Expand the Value Perception and Impact of Market Research”.

With a unique mix of international business management, academic experience and successful entrepreneurship, actor of the MR industry for over twenty years in different geographies, I have witnessed and participated in a massive turn around of the industry ranging from globalization to consolidation and to “technologisation”. Interestingly, although a lot has been accomplished over these years, it seems that the biggest challenge is ahead of us, that of enlarging and strengthening higher value and an improved perception of the MR Industry for clients and the society at large.

This a top priority for MR, and I intend to promote the impact of research for profitable and ethical decisions. This objective implies extending the recent efforts made by ESOMAR in the area of:

  • Valuing the impact of research for profitable business decisions and results among top management and business schools
  • Promoting change and collaboration across the industry and across industries for better valuation and ROI of research initiatives
  • Developing opportunities for win/win collaboration between research participants, research providers, research users, and new (big) data providers for higher value creation
  • Continuing to support the ESOMAR Management Team in its efforts to promote a leading and expanded image of Market Research worldwide.

These initiatives will provide higher value for ESOMAR members and the MR community at large worldwide.

I hope I will get your support, feel free to contact me here : laurent-flores @ slpv-analytics . com or @laurentflores to further discuss the matter. Looking forward to your support!

A short Bio:

Supported by: John Kearon, Mitch Barns, Marco Auregi, Han de Groot, Kristof De Wulf

Academic qualifications and career information

  • Phd in Management Science.
  • Since January 2014: Founding Partner SLPV-Analytics.
  • Since 2007, Associate Professor of Management, Université Paris II & Inseec Business School.
  • 2001 – 2013: Founder & Ceo, CRM Metrix, with offices in NY, Cincinnati, Paris, Singapore, Mumbai sold and integrated within MetrixLab in 2011.
  • 1998 – 2001: Vice-President, Interactive, Ipsos-ASI, USA
  • 1994 – 1997: International Director, Ipsos, France
  • 1992 – 1994: Researcher, Millward Brown, UK, France

Activities on behalf of ESOMAR

  • Esomar member since 1993
  • Esomar Council Member 2005 – 2010.
  • Esomar Representative, France, 2001-2004.
  • Co-author Esomar 2007 “handbook of market research” (Customer Satisfaction chapter).
  • Multiple times Speaker and Program Committee member at Esomar Congress and events since 1997.
  • Recipient of Fernanda Monti Award, Congress, Roma, 2001

Other activities & Articles/Books Published
Frequent university speaker worldwide and regular author of articles published in top academic and business journals. Multiple Books’ author, his last publication was released in January 2014 by Palgrave MacMilan and deals with “How to Measure Digital Marketing”.

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Phil Rance – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 232014

I first joined ESOMAR for the Montreal Congress in 2008, and since then have been an enthusiastic participant in ESOMAR conferences, and increasingly involved with ESOMAR. Since 2012, I have served as UK representative, introducing new local event and networking formats, including a “Best of ESOMAR” and summer party.

I am a passionate believer in ESOMAR, what it stands for and what it can offer to its members. In particular, I value the opportunities to meet other research industry professionals from over 100 countries, and the dynamism that comes from this international network.

I have been in research since joining Research Now as Commercial Director in 2008. Before that I worked in Sales & Marketing roles in the Financial and Consumer Services sectors, and as a strategy consultant. So I bring a commercial, strategic and client perspective to the research business, and I hope to use this to the benefit of all ESOMAR members as a Council member.

Having served as Managing Director of two pioneering online research firms (Research Now and YouGov), I also represent the dynamic, technology-driven and entrepreneurial future of our industry. Our industry continues to face fundamental structural change, with mobile, social media and data analytics generating new innovation, as the shift to online becomes mature.

So, reflecting my and experience and passions, I intend to promote policies and activities in three key areas:

  1. Create further opportunities to promote and facilitate international trade and learning. Internationalism is at the heart of ESOMAR, and we need to do more to bring the benefits of this to individual members in each country.
  2. Expansion of the scope of Market Research to include all activities which inform business and institutional decision-making with customer and market information, embracing a range of disciplines including data science, business intelligence and consultancy and technologies from neuroscience through social media to data analytics.
  3. Encourage youth, innovation and dynamism. The future of our industry is with young researchers and new companies. We must encourage, support and develop new talent and entrepreneurship.

I stand for a dynamic, diverse and digital future for market research, and for sharing best practice between countries and cultures. Please vote for me in the ESOMAR council elections!

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Kristin Luck – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 232014

With over 15 years of industry experience, I’ve served in pretty much every role from phone interviewer to CEO. Currently, I drive new client development and serve as the resident brand evangelist for Decipher, which means I spend most of my time traveling the globe, meeting with clients and collaborating with researchers and technology providers both within and outside of our industry. My role at Decipher is to drive the development of our products and services globally, as well as stay on the forefront of new technologies, and I hope to bring that same diligence and passion for new research solutions and emerging methods to ESOMAR as a Council member.

Before my time at Decipher, I worked for some of the largest research firms in the world and was one of the original pioneers of the multi-media online research business and co-founded OTX (Online Testing Exchange) in 2000, where I led operations and strategy. In 2007 I founded WIRe (Women in Research), a global not-for-profit networking group to create greater career opportunities for women in our industry.

I’ve been recognized globally for my work, most recently with the 2014 ARF Great Minds Future Forward Award, the MRA’s 2013 Impact Award. I’m a three time Stevie Award winner and in September was awarded the 2014 Golden Bridge Award for Women Executive of the Year.

I’m a regular speaker at ESOMAR events and contributor to the ESOMAR RW Connect blog: http://rwconnect.esomar.org/author/kristin_luck/. I’ve also been fortunate enough to present lectures at “Best of” ESOMAR events, ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions conference and ESOMAR Congress.

I share my passion for innovation regularly around the globe through lectures, speaking engagements and by authoring articles for industry and mainstream publications. I’ve contributed as a keynote speaker and moderator at ESOMAR, ARF, IIR, CASRO, AMSRS and World Brand Congress events around the globe. Just a few of the articles I’ve authored….

  • Fast Company. “What an MBA can do for you and what you can do for yourself”
  • Marketing News Magazine. “Balancing Equity and Relevance: Clarity for the Challenge of Rebranding”
  • Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing. “Email Isn’t Dead – It’s Just on the Move”
  • Journal of Brand Strategy. “Rebranding: retaining equity while creating a fresh face”

I hope to work closely with the team at ESOMAR to elevate the market research industry globally, seeking out new opportunities to collaborate with other professional organizations, while also growing ESOMAR’s presence in the United States. As a Council member, I will use my experience and expertise to advise on best practices for integrating new technologies and research methods and will work to promote ESOMAR among research entrepreneurs and emerging start-ups. As I have through my work with WIRe (Women in Research) I will continue to promote greater diversity within the industry at large as well as within ESOMAR.

I’d love to bring my experience and my passion for research to the 2015 Council. Thanks for your consideration and for your vote!


See a video message by clicking here.


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Joaquim Bretcha – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 232014

The Consumer understanding has been the engine of my 19 years of working experience. The consumer has been the focus in all the different roles I have developed all along the Value Chain in the MR Industry: End Client, Agency and Service Provider.

I strongly believe that ESOMAR has to properly represent all the Market Research Value Chain. Indeed, in the current period in which the technology brings new players on the stage. We all have to be aware of the importance of building a strong community, formed by a huge diversity of actors, with solid principles and consistent methodologies that ensure the optimal adoption of the technology (r)evolution.

On top of that, we do need to make sure that the end client, the one that pays the whole value chain, understands and appraises our approaches and deliveries. We must bet for a clear display and defense of the value that the Market Research contribution has to the set of the market and to society.

I am an Economist by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Postgraduate by the IESE Business School. In Spain, my positions as “End Client” have been: Marketing Director at Auchan Supermarkets, Merchandising Director in Carrefour Supermarkets. In the MR Agency side, I have served for six years as the Retail Director in TNS Worldpanel and Synovate. As a Service Provider of online Data Collection, I am currently leading the international business of Netquest in Europe and Asia.

For the last 4 years I have been very active at Esomar, participating in many Seminars and Conferences in Europe, America and Asia. This continuous exposure allows me to capture the differences among countries, understand the global and local challenges and threats within our Industry and be aware of the latest trends and technologies.

My motivations to present my candidacy can be summarized in the following points:

  1. The sector is going through some of the most interesting convulsion moments. Technology allows us to give a spectacular jump in the data collection, which opens new dimensions in the knowledge of the consumer, the base of our profession. It is important that technological data collection companies contribute to the government of Esomar.
  2. I comprehend the different problems and interests of the different gears of the Value Chain and I am willing to promote and support those measures that bring better efficiency to the whole Industry.
  3. Bridge across Continents. I have the perspective of several countries and markets (Spain, Portugal, Latin America and a bit of Asia), that are in the second tier of the evolution of the sector. Understanding their condition, I want to be their interpreter at the Council.

These are my main motivations and beliefs with which I take part in these elections. I hope they are of your interest and serve to gain your trust and, hopefully, your vote.

You can get to know me better at www.joaquimbretcha.com. Thank you very much.

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Alexander Shashkin – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 232014

I am running for ESOMAR Council this year and ask you to vote for me during the elections.

Many of you know me already for years. I started my career as a fieldwork director in a traditional market research business and later founded hi-tech online panel company that became regional leader in this domain, so my ideas for the industry are connected with bringing together new technologies and data sources.

As a ESOMAR Council member I will support the following initiatives:

  • Creating a data warehouse and opening it to the members.
  • Organizing continuous review and evaluation process of the market research software. Negotiating good deals for members to use these technologies.
  • Creating an independent research-on-research working group within ESOMAR to make expert valuations of emerging research practices and methodologies.

I will do my best to bring the alternative point of view to the Council’s table that will protect and represent the interests of small and medium sized private research companies.

More information about my ideas and myself can be found here.

Voting starts on September 30th and lasts for one month. Vote for me and we will make these things happen together!

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Dr Matthew Wang – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 222014

I am Dr. Matthew Wang, Co-Founder and Managing Director of MAP and the only candidate representing China to run for Council Member. It will be helpful if you can vote for me, as this means invaluable opportunity for China.

My short canvassing statements center on 3Es, namely Entrepreneurship, Experience, and Edge.

Entrepreneurship shows my passionate spirit.
In 2001, I co-founded the full-service market research house, MAP, based out of Greater China with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. MAP mainly served global clients ranging from FMCG to luxury goods such as LVMH, Coach, Remy Martin, L’ORÉAL, Sisley, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, IFF, Tyson, Nike Golf, KOHLER, KAO, CASIO, and much more.

Experience shows my professional dedication.
My first job was market research and have accumulated 20-years of hands-on experience in this field. I have been has been an active member of ESOMAR since 2002. Being highly skilled at both qualitative and quantitative projects, I have designed and facilitated more than 50 ideation workshops in Asia with global brands ranging from FMCG to luxury goods. Furthermore, I am a seasoned corporate trainer for MNC clients in the areas of marketing research, best practices, insights generation, innovative thinking and cross-culture communication. My research specialties include market segmentation, service experience, brand imagery, name tests, lifestyle trends, new product development, and channel innovation. I am regularly invited to be a keynote speaker and session chairman at global forums and business schools and had a plethora of research findings published in such journals as The Financial Times and China Daily.

Edge shows my significant geography.
If elected to ESOMAR Council, If elected to ESOMAR Council, the worldwide members will benefit from the deep consumer insights, down-to-earth case studies, and the inspiring trends about China, the world’s most exciting market. Conversely, our China members will benefit from global best practice, update of policy initiative, voice of China nuance and business/clients opportunities. The geographical expansion to include China will be the first in history for the world association of ESOMAR.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in science and engineering from Hefei Poly-tech University, the GEMBA from CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) and the Doctorate degree from Grenoble Ecole de Management. I was born and raised in Xi’an, a city in North-West China which is world-renown for its terra-cotta warriors. I am an avid reader, a golf enthusiast, a disciplined swimmer and a world traveler. I currently live in Shanghai with my wife and son.

Please vote for China. Please vote for me, Matthew Wang of MAP with the 3Es.!

If you already have your first preference, I can always be the second even one of your choices. Even if you can’t vote for me, please kindly forward the message to whoever is the ESOMAR member, thus being concerned with this important vote.

I greatly appreciate your supportive efforts. If possible, please leverage your circle of contacts who are the ESOMAR members who can vote for me.

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Don Marek – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 222014

On September 30th, I am retiring as Executive Director of the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) after 9-years. MRII, which I helped co-found in 1996, has educated more than 7,000 students from 98 counties in its 18-year existence. Reg Baker, former President of Market Strategies International, will be my replacement.

I am running for the ESOMAR Council this year because my MRII retirement will give me more free time to devote to things I like. AND, what I really like is giving back to society and our industry through associations and societies.

Please make me one of the top choices on your ESOMAR Council ballot in the September 22 to October 20, 2014 election.

I think Finn Raben and his staff are excellent. In fact, they are the best team I have ever worked with. They will be even better next year with a strong Council.

My 37-years of activity with marketing research associations will be an asset to the ESOMAR team. For example, I have extensive experience running events because I have worked on a 600-900 attendee annual student marketing conference for 18-years.

In addition, I have been:

  • President of the St. Louis American Marketing Association (AMA) Chapter, 1990-1991
  • A member of AMA’s National Professional Chapter’s Council
  • National President of the Marketing Research Association (MRA), 1998-1999
  • Chaired MRA’s Professional Standards Committee for 10-Years
  • Made an Honorary Lifetime Member of MRA (“Fellow”), 2004
  • Co-Founded the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII), 1996
  • President of MRII 2000-2001
  • Executive Director of MRII – 9-years
  • A conference exhibitor at more than 105 conferences on 5 continents

My 31-years of experience as a client-side researcher with AT&T and a national railway company will also be an asset to the Council.

Having been raised in a small country, Haiti, I bring a worldwide (and French/Keryol speaking) perspective to everything I do.

This 60-second video outlines my experience and platform.

If elected to the Council, I will focus upon ESOMAR operations, educational and membership efforts. I have the ability to be a positive change agent on the ESOMAR Council and will represent your interests.

Please vote for me and ask all your friends to be heard by voting in this election.

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Melanie Courtright – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

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Sep 222014

I am excited to be a candidate for ESOMAR Council 2015/2016, and I am honored to be running alongside some of the brightest and best leaders and voices in the industry. From strong academics to tenured practitioners and highly talented newcomers, the group of people willing to serve ESOMAR is proof that our future is bright, both within the organization and for the broader industry.

So as you wade through the talent, I¹ll tell you a bit more about myself. I’m a homegrown researcher and started in the industry more than two decades ago, working for a small firm while raising my children. My first job was translating, cleaning and coding verbatim comments. I value that time because I got very close to the consumer and how they think. I was fortunate enough to have a strong mentor, and grew into a project manager, account manager, sales leader, services leader, speaker, author, and now an executive. When looking back at my career, my favorite part has always been soaking up new techniques, adding rigor to new methodologies, and sharing that process and learning with anyone who will listen. I like to help people think creatively. “Innovate or evaporate” is my career slogan. I’m a change agent and a bridge builder.

Should I be elected to ESOMAR Council, my focus will be expanding our horizons, educating our industry, and serving our members. Whether it be online, phone, qualitative, big data, mobile, or digital audience research; I’ve done it all. I love it all. I¹ve researched it all. I¹ve even spoken and written about it all. And I can help the industry make sense of how it all fits together.

My credentials are easy to find on my LinkedIn profile and my personality shines through in my tweets @melcourtright. I hope this message enables you to see a bit of my heart, and I hope you will consider voting for me for ESOMAR Council. I’d be truly blessed to be a part of the team.

Thank you for considering me for 2015/2016!

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David Smith – Candidate for ESOMAR Vice-President & Council

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Sep 222014

I would welcome your support in the upcoming Council Elections for the following three reasons:

It is a time of considerable change and I believe my experience and vision will benefit the role ESOMAR can play in fashioning our transition to an exciting new future.

I have been an ESOMAR member for over 20 years, and during this time I have been very active in working on various ESOMAR initiatives. But I have only been a Council Member for the last two years and I believe my continuing involvement with ESOMAR at this time would be beneficial to the industry.

Specifically, as we transition to the next era in our history, my experience, leadership and vision will be helpful to ESOMAR.

I am keen to continue the work I am undertaking on behalf of ESOMAR to make our industry attractive to the next generation of talent.

One of the key roles I have played on the Council over the last few years has been working with universities and others to showcase the attractiveness of the marketing intelligence industry as a career.

You might be interested in the findings of a survey I undertook on behalf of ESOMAR to identify the skills our industry will need going forward. These will appear in an upcoming issue of Research World.

I would like to continue this work to make sure that we are recognised as great industry offering fantastic opportunities to young people who want to help improve the quality of decision-making in the public and private sectors.

I can be relied upon to apply my energy and commitment to the industry and make things happen on behalf of ESOMAR Members from around the world.

In my time on the ESOMAR Council I have realised that having a vision, being a thought leader and having considerable experience of the industry is important. But being successful on behalf of ESOMAR essentially comes down to having a good track record of getting things done. It requires a passion for the industry, but also being a starter/finisher who is able to step up to the plate, take on initiatives and follow through. I promise to get things done on behalf of ESOMAR Members from around the world. Together we can create an exciting new future for our marketing intelligence industry.

The way the election works is that you need to cast one vote to elect me to Council, and cast a separate vote for the Vice President post (votes are not transferred across from the Vice President election to the Council Member election or vice versa).

In sum, I can guarantee I will work on your behalf to ensure we create a vibrant marketing intelligence industry that attracts young talent and continues to make a fantastic contribution to professional decision-making.

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