25 February, 2014 – 3pm London time, 10am New York

Presenters will each had 5 minutes and 1 slide to put forward an MR Myth to bust, a bubble to burst, or an hyperbole to deflate.

The speakers at this event included:

  • Tom Ewing, BrainJuicer, “Millennials are interesting”
  • Annie Pettit, Peanut Labs, “Behavioural economics finally explains human behaviour.”
  • Joe Bockman, Sensory Logic, “Implicit Association is Robustly Intuitive.”
  • Lesley Dusart, Vision Critical, “Research participants are only motivated by incentives?”
  • Maya Middlemiss, Saros Research Ltd, “Respondents are reluctant to take part in research”
  • Rick Wilson, MFour Mobile Research, “Mobile Research Surveys Can’t Exceed 5 Minutes”
  • Melanie Courtright, Research Now, “iOS and Android Data are the Same.”

The raw recording of the show is below. We will be posting videos of each of the sessions shortly.

Check out the Myths that were ‘Exploded’ last year.

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  1. Will this event be recorded?

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