Hannah Baker Hitzhusen
Company: SKIM
Country: Netherlands
Hannah has over 20 years of market research and marketing experience on the supplier and client sides. A trained moderator (RIVA) and facilitator (Synecticsmethod), Hannah is well-versed in a variety of qualitative methodologies and conducts research including observational research, online bulletin boards, in-depth interviews and focus groups-both traditional and via telephone. She specializes in healthcare, health policy, and pharmaceutical products and services, business-to-business concerns and processes, and consumer goods and packaging. Hannah previously worked in marketing research at CMI, TNS Intersearch, Elrick & Lavidge, and Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. She graduated from Rice University with a BA in 1986. Hannah has served in the leadership of QRCA (the Qualitative Research Consultants Association) and on the faculty of the Advanced School of Marketing Research.
Leveraging online bulletin boards in global product and concept development

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