Helen Bennie
Company: Shopper Insight
Country: UK
Helen is a passionate and energetic Shopper Insights Practitioner and an advocate of ‘joined up’ insightful thinking and creativity. She has spent the last year sharing her shopper expertise and enabling other FMCG companies and BTL agencies to build their Activation capabilities. Helen completed a Masters in Interpreting and Translating at Heriot -Watt University, where she realised that the key skills of an interpreter: a curiosity about people, an ability to be an empathetic listener, and desire to go beyond the stated to get to true underlying behaviour, were in fact core to being a great researcher. This ‘A-ha’ moment led to a 15 year career in Corporate Insights and Planning before she moved into applying her knowledge and expertise as a consultant. Helen honed her research and planning skills over 11 years at Kimberly-Clark working within both the Market and Brand Planning teams across Europe and the US before heading up European Shopper Planning function. She was also Lead Creativity trainer having reached Creative Goddess status. It was this fused approach of shopper & creativity that led to successes such as a Shelf Ready Packaging (Shelf Help for Dummies) workshop, which confronted overlooked challenges with SRP, giving immediate cost savings of $1 million. She was then approached by Britvic to lead their Shopper Planning team to help them improve and drive Shopper Marketing capabilities across the business. This time the fused approach was applied to co-collaborative category immersions with retailers. One such session led to an extra 1200 distribution points and Category Captaincy. Helen is married to Jay. They live in Surrey with their two daughters aged 6 and 3. Helen enjoys competitive sports (having been a hockey goalkeeper pre-children), but settles for the gym currently, with an eye to returning next season.

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