Mark Earls
Company: HERD
Country: UK
Mark Earls is a recovering account planner whose HERD consulting is at the forefront of understanding and applying leading edge behavioral and cognitive science to help marketers, managers and policy folk understand and shape human behavior more effectively. Previously, Mark worked in creative agencies radical (St Luke’s) and just plain big (Ogilvy Worldwide) but is much better now (thank you). His writing is widely read and awarded: he has twice been given and Emerald Citation (for best 50 articles in management science) and won awards from MRS, ESOMAR and WPP. His book, HERD, explores human behavior through the lens of what science tells us about our fundamentally social nature and his next will examine Social Learning (the “I’ll have what she’s having” effect) and its central importance in shaping human behavior at both the individual, group and population levels. He has to keep working to pay for his sad addiction to English Cricket and fishing.
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