Shobha Prasad
Company: Drshti
Country: India
Shobha Prasad has over 22 years of experience in research and advertising, working with prominent Indian and international brands across categories in India/ SE Asia. She is Founder-Director of Drshti and the head of the qualitative division for the last 18 years.

She believes that she has been fortunate in having been exposed to a wide variety of influences over the years- quantitative and qualitative research, advertising (planning, account management), even a brief brush with film and production. She also occasionally plays music (Indian Classical Flute) professionally. All of these are linked and at some level or the other have shaped the way she sees people and scenarios.
Ultimately she sees herself as an observer of societies and social change and continues to be fascinated with people and understanding the unique model each follows to tackle the daily madness that we call life.

She has won awards for thought provoking papers on “Multiple Poverty Lines and Lines of Aspiration” and now “The Power of the Dark Side” apart from widely acclaimed papers such as “Listening to the Sounds of Silence”.

Shobha is twice winner of the Best Paper Award at the ESOMAR Qualitative seminars ESOMAR Qualitative Conference 2013 – The Power of the Dark Side – Motivation, Positioning and the Seven Deadly Sins- winner of the Peter Cooper Excellence Award

ESOMAR Qualitative Conference 2010 – Why some slumdogs feel like millionaires and some millionaires like slumdogs- the theory of Multiple Poverty Lines- Best paper Award
Listening to the Sounds of Silence
The Power of the Dark Side: Motivation, Positioning and the Seven Deadly Sins

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